Three nights and 2 days fishing

  • Guests/Anglers will be met upon arrival at the local Airport
  • Private transportation from the airport and back to the airport
  • 2 swimming pools (1) Infinity pool overlooking the Pacific / (1) restaurant pool bar
  • Unlimited Free Wi-Fi Internet Service
  • Activities and Excursion Tours to choose from for non-anglers
  • Your Private Shallow Water Vessel with fuel
  • Licensed experienced Captain and Mate with 20 + years of experience
  • Personal Host
  • Full Hearty Fisherman’s Morning Breakfast at the hotel
  • Onboard Lunch, Mix of Snacks,
  • Soft Drinks, Bottled Water and Ice Cold Beer
  • World Class Fishing Tackle and Gear
  • Bait
  • Great Music
  • Hundreds of Fishing spots available
  • Dinner is not included but your catch can be prepared for you

Hotel Bocas del Mar

A beautiful resort in the coast of Boca Chica

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🌊 Panama Sport Fishing Charters: Let’s Dive into a 2-Day Fishing Blast with 3 Nights of Hotel Chill! 🎣

Get ready for an epic fishing escapade in the Gulf of Chiriquí! We’ve got a special treat lined up for you: a 2-day fishing bonanza with 3 nights of kick-back-and-relax hotel vibes. And guess what? You’ve got your very own host and a talented snapper-snapper to capture all the action!

Day 1: Arrive and Dive into Good Times! 🍽️

Touching down at David Airport? Our crew’s there to welcome you with open arms. If you’re not flying in, the road is awesome. But hey, if you’re jetting in from Tocumen Airport in Panama City, we’ll sort out those connecting flights to David – no sweat!

Next stop: Boca Chica hotel, your slice of paradise. Two pools, ocean views – it’s like stepping into a postcard! And don’t even get us started on dinner – it’s a feast fit for a fishing king!

Day 2: Breakfast, Reel ‘Em In, and Cheers to a Great Day! 🍳🎣🍽️

Rise and shine, it’s fishing time! Start your day right with a hearty Fisherman’s Morning Breakfast. Then, hop aboard our trusty vessel, fueled up and ready to rock. With our expert Captain and Mate at the helm, and your host making sure everything’s ship-shape, it’s time for some serious fishing fun!

🍽️ Onboard Treats: Chow down on lunch, snacks, and fresh fruit – because you’ve got fish to catch and energy to spare!

🥤 Thirst Quenchers: Stay hydrated with soft drinks, water, and ice-cold beer – the perfect fishing fuel!

After a day on the water, it’s back to the hotel for drinks and a hearty dinner. Your host’s got everything covered, and our snapper-snapper’s on hand to capture those epic fishing moments!

Day 3: Lazy Morning, More Fishing, and VIP Perks! 🍳🎣🎉

Wake up, lazybones! It’s another day in paradise. Enjoy a leisurely morning – maybe a dip in the pool – before tucking into breakfast. Then, it’s time to hit the water again for round two of fishing fun!

As the day unfolds, get ready to cash in on the perks of the Rat Bastard Club (RBC) membership. More benefits, more privileges – it’s the cherry on top of your fishing adventure!

Extra Perks of the Bonus Fishing Day:

  • Expertise Galore: Feel like a pro as you navigate the waters, knowing the boat, the crew, and the fishing spots like the back of your hand.
  • Tailored Experience: Customize your fishing day to suit your style – it’s your adventure, after all!
  • Extended Adventure: Spend extra hours on the water, exploring new fishing spots and reeling in the big ones.
  • Insider Knowledge: Get the inside scoop on the best fishing techniques and secret hotspots from our experienced crew.
  • Marina at Your Doorstep: Conveniently docked right at the hotel, our marina makes it easy to hop on board and start your adventure without any hassle.

Day 4: Farewell Breakfast and See Ya Later, Alligator! 🍳🛫

It’s time to say goodbye to paradise – but not before one last breakfast feast! Your host will make sure you’re all set for the journey home, whether they’re waving you off from the hotel or escorting you to the airport.
Snapper Snapper
Cap off your coastal adventure with a touch of cinematic magic! Our dedicated Snapper Snapper video and photo expert will be right there with you, capturing all the thrills and spills of your fishing escapades. From the moment you cast your first line to the epic showdowns with trophy fish, our expert lensman will immortalize every moment in stunning detail. As part of our VIP package, you’ll receive a professionally crafted video presentation that captures the essence of your Gulf of Chiriquí adventure – a keepsake to treasure for years to come! 📸🎥🌟

Get ready for the ultimate fishing adventure in the Gulf of Chiriquí – where every day is a new chance to make memories and reel in the big ones! 🏝️🚤