If you don’t have a bucket list for fish…The Gulf of Chiriqui with its unique geography offers an abundance of trophy sport species!

  • Atun” or Yellow Fin Tuna (large!)
  • The “Pez Gallo” or Rooster Fish
  • The “Cubera”or Dogtooth Snapper
  • Blue, Black and striped marlin
  • “Pez Vela”or Pacific Sailfish
  • “Dorado” “Mahi Mahi” or Dolphin fish
  • Wahoo
  • Blue, yellow, and amber, and other Jack species.
  • “Corvina”or Sea Bass
  • “Robalo” or Snook
  • African Pompano, Grouper, Red, Yellow, and Mullet Snappers.

Plus many other species!! We feel, pound for pound, that our waters provide the strongest fighting fish out there!